Monday, April 1, 2013

"Fish Hooks"- "Final Exam" song before and after...

"Fish Hooks" was a very collaborative show. As a storyboard artist and writer, I was fortunate enough to have a chance to write some songs whenever it was appropriate for the story. In the case of the episode "Fail Fish", we needed to see Milo study for his final in the quickest, most entertaining way possible. And what is quicker and more entertaining than a musical montage? Below is the very first version of the song "Final Exam".  I was going for a "Joy Division"/"She Wants Revenge" type of sound. I wanted "Final Exam" to have a double meaning-it is Milo's last exam but also Milo is going to die! Check it out:

It was an intriguing idea, but it never made it past the animatic phase. Here is the final version, composed by "Fish Hook's" composer Andy Shubert:

Just an interesting look at how much an idea can evolve before it even hits the screens!

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